Generate Lesson Plans & Other Educational Materials in Seconds

Streamline your planning and prep with AI generated templates for lesson plans, writing prompts, educational handouts, student reports, project outlines and lots more.

✓ Supports English & Spanish    ✓ Generate templates in seconds    ✓ Join 200+ teachers already using Copilot

Prepare and Plan with Ease

Copilot makes it easy to get started and finish your planning and prep in less time. 

Lesson Planning

At the core of Education Copilot is our AI lesson planner. Perfect for generating quality, structured lesson plans for any subject, lesson, or concept.

Educational Handouts

Quickly generate handouts that cover everything you and a student will need to know about a specific topic, concept, or subject area.

10+ Other Tools

Copilot currently has over 10 tools to help you save time in and outside of the classroom. We’re always adding new tools and if you ever have any suggestions, let us know!

"I am already using copilot for lesson planning. It is absolutely brilliant for a quick casual lesson. So excited to see how this program develops."

– Jennifer O

"I was just clicking around and checking out how the ai would respond to some of my content and it handled it really well. I like the assignment ideas section!"

– Dodd M.

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